2 April 2020 18:37

    Filipche says North Macedonia with highest testing average in region

    2 April 2020 16:09

    Spasovski: Jobs saved by decrees on support to economy

    2 April 2020 15:43

    Health Minister hopes field hospital won’t have to be used

    1 April 2020 18:48

    Hutchison: Proud to have North Macedonia as ally in NATO

    1 April 2020 16:24

    Number of coronavirus patients treated at Skopje clinic rises

    1 April 2020 15:45

    Filipche: Health system prepared for larger number of patients

    1 April 2020 15:09

    FinMin: Three possible scenarios for mitigating coronavirus effects

    31 March 2020 19:27

    Pendarovski: Situation remains complex, future developments depending on pandemic duration

    31 March 2020 18:58

    Filipche: 54 patients treated in Skopje, four in critical condition

    31 March 2020 16:32

    Gov’t presents second set of measures to cushion blow from coronavirus

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