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Opposition believes new government's program is far from promises made

Opposition believes new government's program is far from promises made

Skopje, 22 June 2024 (MIA) - It cannot be said whether the new VMRO-DPMNE-led government will deliver on its promises and program, said the opposition after PM-designate Hristijan Mickoski presented the new government agenda in Parliament on Saturday.  

"We don't see in the government's program many of the promises made to the citizens, many of the issues that were opened and on which you managed to get the support of the citizens in a manipulative way. The first basic priority on which you say that we should all be part of the process and that none of us should have an exclusive right regarding our strategic priorities, but we should work together, which is our membership in the EU, is a completely different concept from the one you advocated both while in opposition in the past eight years and in the pre-election period, and this refers to the respect of international agreements, the Prespa Agreement, the Treaty with Bulgaria, the Negotiating Framework for EU Membership," said coordinator of SDSM's parliamentary group Oliver Spasovski. 

He added that he expected to see much more concrete steps in the program regarding all these issues.

"I agree, and SDSM and the coalition will be here for all the strategic issues you think we should discuss. But the fact is that we have not seen a word about the Prespa Agreement, about the Treaty with Bulgaria, there is not even a detailed plan on how you will change the Negotiating Framework that you said you would not accept and would change it. These days we can see the change in the personal position regarding the Prespa Agreement that you will neither use the constitutional name nor the adjective, but today you announced that you will do that and if that is the new concept, it is honest and fair to say it before the citizens. As a PM-designate, you are saying today that you will respect the constitutional name and the Prespa Agreement," said Spasovski. 

He noted that there are neither specific deadlines for the projects included in the program, there is no financial structure on how they will be implemented, nor for the borrowing of one billion.

Spasovski added that there were issues in the program advocated as great future achievements, but which, he noted, are already functioning in the country, pointing to the video surveillance system at the border crossings as an example. 

"Everything that is given as a promise and submitted as a proposal to the Parliament and the public is far from the promises and expectations you made to the citizens before the elections and during the election period," Spasovski said. 

In terms of the personnel potential, he said there were no significant surprises for the citizens, adding that the personnel was a kind of continuity of the policies from the 90s and from the 2006-2017 period, and the personnel potential will not give those results which citizens expect.

"Of course, I wish for a very different approach from that period, appreciating freedom, democracy, justice, solidarity as values, ​​and that we will manage to act together for common state issues and to show serious responsibility to the citizens that we all want to change the circumstances. I hope that all this will move in a good direction and all the things we say will be primarily in the interest of the citizens, and you will not create a society that will take us back," Spasovski concluded. 

VMRO-DPMNE MP Gjorgjija Sajkovski pointed out that the previous government has left disastrous consequences in education, health and infrastructure and the state is in debt.

"Today, Macedonia is living its most difficult times, and therefore the next ministers will have to work long-term and with commitment, because what is left behind is zero and chaos. It will take hard work from each of you," Sajkovski said. 

According to him, the MPs from the majority and the next ministers have a chance to show what can be done and to change the image.

"We have a unique chance to show that the country is loved not only in words but in deeds that will last forever and by which we will be remembered. We believe that the people know how to appreciate that, respect it and reward it. I will not exaggerate if I say that this is perhaps the last chance for Macedonia to break out of the vicious circle of transition, to have a chance to move towards the path of prosperity and EU standards. I am sure that we will not betray that chance and trust. There will be giving up comfort, there will be work, but I want to tell you that every path is difficult, and the first step is the most difficult. You must not give up, and all of us together with you will change it for the better and return Macedonia to the people. The 2024-2028 program is real and achievable, I know that we will also achieve many projects that are not included in the program," said Sajkovski. 

MPs from the majority and from the opposition traded accusations during the debate. The opposition SDSM pointed out that in the elections VMRO-DPMNE committed the biggest electoral fraud and lied to the citizens that their first task would be to change the Prespa Agreement and restore the country's name. VMRO-DPMNE said not only has the previous government done nothing, but has become the protector of crime and corruption in the country.

Parliament Speaker Afrim Gashi referred to an Article from the Rules of Procedure and called on the MPs to pay special attention to the reputation of the MPs and the assembly.

The debate on the election of the new government is ongoing. The Parliament's Rules of Procedures stipulates that the government election session will last two days at most.

Photo: MIA