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MoI Spasovski expects OSCE Ministerial Council to proceed smoothly

MoI Spasovski expects OSCE Ministerial Council to proceed smoothly

Bitola, 25 November 2023 (MIA) - The Ministry of Interior is the key institution when it comes to security at the OSCE ministerial Council. We have been preparing together with other Government institutions during the entire year so that the summit proceeds smoothly, said Minister of Interior Oliver Spasovski on Saturday.

Minister Spasovski said more than 70 delegations, headed primarily by foreign ministers, are expected to attend.

"There will be about 1,000 participants at the summit. This is a big operation from a security standpoint and all police units are completely ready, of course in cooperation with other institutions. I expect everything to proceed smoothly," Spasovski told reporters in Bitola.

According to him, the event is an opportunity for North Macedonia to demonstrate its capacities and democratic values.

"I call on citizens to be patient in the coming days and observe the instructions of police officers. The city will not be entirely blocked but certain streets and routes that delegations use will. We do this to ensure the citizens' safety and the event's smooth progress," underlined Spasovski.

Photo: MIA