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Mexhiti: 'Worth It' will be new political structure, bearer of successful institutional transition

Mexhiti: 'Worth It' will be new political structure, bearer of successful institutional transition

Skopje, 21 June 2024 (MIA) - Ahead of the government election session scheduled for Saturday, the 'Worth It' coalition leaders held a forum on Friday to present the Platform of  patriotism as knowledge, professionalism and responsibility, which will guide the coalition's ministers, deputy ministers and heads of institutions in the next four-year term as part of the new government. 

"The time of demagoguery is over. Today, educated, experienced and courageous people are required to follow through the complex reform processes to make our country normal, economically developed and ready for integration in the EU. We will focus on work, respect for institutions, accountability for the task undertaken, fulfilment of obligations on time and successfully. This can only be done by the new generation that is freed from the burden of the old, from the mortgages of the past, from the folklore full of words and little effort. We are the generation of politicians who have equality in the genetic code, not in political speeches, who will achieve equality with actions, not words," said Democratic Movement leader Izet Mexhiti, who is nominated as First Deputy PM and Minister of Environment and Physical Planning in the new government.

He pointed out that 'Worth It' is the winner of the parliamentary elections and is the new political factor that represents the Albanians with legitimacy, dignity and responsibility, the new political structure that will be the bearer of a successful institutional transition. As regards the Law on the Organization and Operation of State Administration Bodies, which was adopted by a two-third majority of the new parliamentary composition, he noted that a major reform and transformation of the ministries is ahead, but the content, i.e. the basic concepts will remain the same, and the rights of the Albanians will continue to be guaranteed and protected according to the Constitution and the Framework Agreement. In addition, Mexhiti announced that the balancer, as an instrument for ensuring fair representation in institutions, will be replaced with a law. 

"The balancer initially gave good results, but in recent years there are cases where very often Macedonians are registered as Albanians, Albanians as Turks, it was not in function of the fair representations of communities that are not the majority in the state or at the local level. This was also true for the Macedonians, so we agree here that as a mechanism it is not enough and should be regulated by law. Attention will also be paid to quality, which will benefit all communities. It will be an added value for the administration," Mexhiti told reporters.  

Besa leader Bilal Kasami particularly mentioned blocking of the development of municipalities led by mayors who were not part of the government.

"The blocking of municipalities by DUI and SDSM has ended. Thanks to the previous regime, North Macedonia is known as the most centralized state in Europe. But as part of the new government, 'Worth It' will implement the points of its program, including complete local decentralization, which means more power for our municipalities, more development and more equality for our citizens, taking after the models of developed countries such as Germany and Belgium. The program of both 'Worth It' and the government, which will soon be elected in the Parliament, includes more than EUR 100 million to be allocated from the state budget for 2024 alone to the municipalities in order to have faster municipal development and immediate implementation of the most necessary projects for the citizens," said Kasami. 

Arben Taravari from the Alliance for Albanians stressed the four pillars in the program of the new government coalition - speeding up the country's European path, uncompromising fight against crime and corruption, regarding which he says that so far there has been a lot of talk and little work, then the economic development of the country and raising the standard of living of the citizens, and equal regional development and strengthening of the municipalities as the basic unit of democracy, i.e. decentralization.

"This government is the guarantor of the European path, I hope that the constitutional changes will happen as soon as possible. But in order for them to happen, the Macedonian partner in the government should always show good will. The good thing is that we already have 80 votes, we just need one more definitive synchronization between Skopje and Sofia, which I believe will happen soon," Taravari said among other. 

In the absence of Alternativa leader Afrim Gashi, the party's vice-president Bekim Sali said the 'Worth It' coalition has preserved the representation of Albanians in one of the three highest posts, electing Gashi as the Speaker of the Parliament of the Republic of North Macedonia.

"In addition, in this participation in the executive power, we were very careful that our participation is not lower than the presence of Albanians in this country, but more than that, we were focused on the institutions that deal with the implementation of our political program, so that we work seriously and with commitment in the process of the country's integration in the European Union, enabling economic, health, social and environmental policies, by which we believe that we will significantly raise the quality of life of our citizens. This participation in the executive power will also result in other levels of power, and I am certain that this will have as a final result a more progressive society in all areas of life, while for the Albanians this political rotation also means a rotation in their real life, because the years of hibernation end in 2024, to pave the way for the years of freedom, democracy, justice, equality and prosperity," said Sali. 

The 'Worth It' coalition's ministers in the next government also addressed the forum. 

In response to a reporter's question, Mexhiti said he expects a democratic and positive debate at Saturday's government election session in the Parliament.  

The 'Worth It' coalition has nominated Izet Mexhiti as the candidate for Deputy PM and Minister of Environment and Physical Planning, Arben Taravari for Minister of Health, Fatmir Limani for Minister of Social Policy, Demography and Youth, Besar Durmishi for Minister of Economy, Arben Fetai for Deputy PM for good governance, and Orhan Murtezani for Minister of European Affairs.

Photo: MIA