• Thursday, 23 May 2024

ZNAM Movement in Kumanovo presents election campaign platform 

ZNAM Movement in Kumanovo presents election campaign platform 

Kumanovo, 18 April 2024 (MIA) — The ZNAM Movement and its leader and presidential candidate Maksim Dimitrievski presented their election campaign platform at a rally in the Kumanovo city square.

According to them, the country's biggest problem was corruption and they promised to eliminate it. Dimitrievski called on citizens to relay the message that Macedonia was awakening again from Kumanovo.


"There will be justice, when real, responsible people come to the right place.


"Not only did they lie to us, they even renounced their own people, the values of the Krushevo manifesto and ASNOM and everything sacred for Macedonia. And if we allow them to keep doing this, they will," Dimitrievski said.



He said both SDSM and VMRO-DPMNE would lose in the parliamentary elections and ZNAM would win.


"Just like in the local elections, we will make it happen again, together," Dimitrievski said.


"A new political force is being born in Macedonia: the ZNAM movement for our Macedonia, a movement created by the citizens and for the citizens," he added. mr/

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