• Monday, 13 May 2024

Vankovska: Avant-garde voted for Levica

Vankovska: Avant-garde voted for Levica

Skopje, 24 April 2024 (MIA) – Levica presidential candidate Biljana Vankovska during late Wednesday’s press conference said that the avant-garde had voted for them, underscoring that they had accomplished their mission.

“I think it's true that the avant-garde voted for us; I know this through personal contacts. Clearly, the people are still not at that stage; it seems I offered them a vision beyond their current expectations, so I might have gone too far in what I predicted. I deeply hope I am wrong in my forecast and that the people will not be disappointed after a year or two of the new president's rule. I think we accomplished what was our task,” she said.

Vankovska highlighted that she feels partially responsible for the poor result, stating that she voluntarily distanced herself from the media for five to six years, a period crucial for establishing herself as a recognizable figure. She underscored that her collaboration with the Levica will continue in the future.

“These were our first presidential elections. According to our expectations, we handled them bravely. We collected the required number of signatures in record numbers, offering a completely different strategy and discourse in the public sphere. This is a significant plus for the Levica party in nominating a quality candidate. The results are what they are, and we cannot change them. We hope that Professor Vankovska will succeed in reaching the second round for the second time in five years,” Levica leader Dimitar Apasiev said.

Apasiev noted that their primary objective will be on May 8 and urged all their supporters to vote for them in the parliamentary elections.

Photo: MIA