• Saturday, 15 June 2024

Questions from civic initiatives to the political parties ahead of the May elections

Questions from civic initiatives to the political parties ahead of the May elections


Skopje, 26 April 2024

Dear citizens,

We, the civic initiatives, the independent initiatives that participated in the last local elections and the environmental organisations, have gained experience with our actions, as well as great deal of knowledge about the conditions and the need for changes. Countless times we have urged the institutions to work together to make changes, to improve and to ensure better life for all citizens.

Hence, today we would like to pose 18 questions to the political parties participating in the elections, to which instead of platitudes and demagoguery we expect concrete answers with deadlines, budget and responsible institutions and persons. That's the only way for us to be assured that they know how to change things, and not just make empty promises without a plan!

Almost 70% of the laws are implemented at the local level, in our municipalities. The parliamentary elections are just around the corner, and the decisions that the future MPs will make will directly affect the policies at the local level.

We do not participate directly in these elections, but we and the other citizens do vote. And we want to cast an informed vote!

We expect the answers from the political parties by 2 May at the latest.

We will publish them in full before the Election Day - 8 May, to serve as a roadmap, but also as a commitment for the period to come.

As citizens, we have the right to get answers to some key questions related to:

· Pollution

· Urbanism,

· Rule of law

· Quality of life

It is clear what we stand for: a transparent, honest, rule of law and fair society for all. Policies that protect the citizens and the public interest, that secure and stimulate active civic involvement, and ensure a healthy environment and top-quality services to all citizens across the country.

We are looking forward to answers from the participants in these elections that will be specific and to the point. Those answers might impact our votes.


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