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Levica MPs demand adjournment to 131st session, cause incident in Parliament

Levica MPs demand adjournment to 131st session, cause incident in Parliament

Skopje, 20 November 2023 (MIA) - The Parliament's 131st session was interrupted for the second time on Monday afternoon after Levica MPs repeatedly demanded the session not to be held, scattered papers consisted of amendments to the Draft Rules of Procedure of the Parliament and damaged inventory at the Speaker's table.   


Parliament Speaker, Talat Xhaferi, who is also the proposer of the updated Rules of Procedure, did not accept most of the 2000 amendments submitted by Levica, after which Levica MPs Borislav Krmov and Dimitar Apasiev caused an incident in the Parliament.  


Addressing the MPs, Apasiev asked how can 12 amendments be accepted, while the remaining not. 

MP Borislav Krmov demanded that the session be adjourned, damaging inventory at the Parliament Speaker's table. 


Parliament Vice-Speaker Goran Misovski was forced to interrupt the session again.


An incident took place when the session first resumed on Monday afternoon when the Levica MPs started scattering papers consisting of their amendments to the Rules of Procedure and throwing them at the Vice-Speaker Goran Misovski who chaired the session. 


MP Borislav Krmov, who had a procedural remark, threw the amendment papers and broke the computer and phone in front of the Vice-Speaker, and was then joined by Dimitar Apasiev.

Speaker Talat Xhaferi pointed out that the 2461 amendments submitted by MPs Dimitar Apasiev and Borislav Krmov were not orderly. According to him, 12 amendments were in order and the rest were not. He added that MPs Bedri Fazli and Ilija Nikolovski have submitted three amendments, which were orderly.


Krmov said the 131st session must be adjourned, noting that their amendments have not even been submitted and that they do not have an archive number, asking for an explanation on what basis they were rejected.


"Today, they are making way for smuggling the Parliament in the Republic of Macedonia. DPMNE and DUI will smuggle all laws with a European flag into the next parliamentary composition. What the Speaker of the Parliament will do today is unprecedented in parliamentary history," said Apasiev. 


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