• Sunday, 12 May 2024

Kovachevski: Heavy blow for country's European prospects, not late to change course

Kovachevski: Heavy blow for country's European prospects, not late to change course

Skopje, 24 April 2024 (MIA) - SDSM leader Dimitar Kovachevski said late on Wednesday he hoped for better results but accepted the people's message, while hoping for better results in the presidential runoff.

"We hope for better results but it is clear that people have punished us and we accept this. This is a heavy blow for Macedonia's European prospects but it is still not too late to change course. We will not give up on Macedonia's European future. We know that people are tired of the European path, we know that the EU has not delivered on its promises, but there is no other option for the country than to be part of the European Union," Kovachevski told a press conference.

He said it is time to put all differences aside and urged citizens to unite around the idea of the country's European future, "because if the country misses this opportunity, it will need a lot more time to get back on the European track".

"We are aware the citizens are very disappointed but we still have a couple of weeks, we will be working on getting the support for a European Macedonia. We will not bow our heads, we will continue to fight until we win. Let me tell Stevo Pendarovski, this is our joint struggle, we will fight shoulder to shoulder, because this is the most important battle for a European Macedonia," said Kovachevski.

Asked if he was planning to resign from the party leadership, Kovachevski said he expected much better results in the runoff, since citizens' votes split among seven presidential candidates in the first round.

"I have never shunned from responsibility and we will decide what happens in the party after the elections. We are not taking part in these elections just for the sake of participating but to win," underlined Kovachevski.

Photo: MIA