• Wednesday, 24 July 2024

Goodneighborly relations built through good will, dialogue and mutual respect: President

Goodneighborly relations built through good will, dialogue and mutual respect: President

Skopje, 13 June 2024 (MIA) - Goodneighborly relations are built through good will, dialogue and mutual respect, leading to acceptable and sustainable solutions, said President Gordana Siljanovska Davkova on Thursday.

President Siljanovska Davkova told the final press conference of the South East European Cooperation Process (SEECP) summit in Skopje it is of exceptional importance that EU members in the region support all participants in the process.

"This means us, the non-EU members, on our European path, especially in sharing the learned lessons, good practices and experiences in reform processes, this is how inclusive regional cooperation is built," said Siljanovska Davkova.

She added that the Western Balkans should be included in the EU orchestra.

"We are aware there is enlargement fatigue but there is even greater fatigue from waiting. Therefore, I encourage European partners to remain consistent, credible and principled to the European idea. It is not sufficient to say the EU is an incomplete story and an unfinished symphony without the Western Balkans, you should include the Western Balkans in your orchestra," said Siljanovska Davkova.

She added that enlargement is an investment in peace, security, stability and prosperity, and therefore the process should be based on merit and implementation of reform.

"The new Growth Plan for the Western Balkans is an innovative instrument that should bring the region closer to the EU single market. It is necessary that we improve our national capacities when it comes to security, to be aligned with the EU, to continue our cooperation with NATO that has the primary role in maintaining peace and stability in the region. Meanwhile, we should support the open-door policy and Euro-Atlantic integration of regional states," said Siljanovska Davkova.

On economic cooperation, the President highlighted the need for energy, infrastructure and digital networking, since regional economic integration has the potential to stimulate growth, increase competitiveness, create jobs and respond to the demographic challenges, namely the exodus of young people from the region.

Photo: MIA