• Monday, 13 May 2024

Dimitrievski: ZNAM to be political factor of stability in country

Dimitrievski: ZNAM to be political factor of stability in country

Skopje, 24 April 2024 (MIA) - Presidential candidate Maksim Dimitrievski told a press conference late on Wednesday that ZNAM would be a political factor of stability in the country, a kingmaker in the future government.

"It is a fact that me and ZNAM got more than 80,000 votes tonight. We registered the movement about three months ago and we are now third in the Macedonian political bloc, which is an excellent starting point for the future," Dimitrievski told a press conference.

He added that when negotiations start for the formation of the next parliamentary majority, they will present the national red lines to all political parties.

Dimitrievski thanked all citizens who supported him, but also the other presidential candidates, saying democracy won in the end.

"A third political force has emerged in the Macedonian political bloc, which intends to strengthen in the coming period so that citizens can choose something new," said Dimitrievski.

He added they are sincere to all citizens, regardless of political, ethnic or religious background.

"Our goal is to finally see Macedonia where it deserves to be - on the pedestal, a full-fledged EU member, shoulder to shoulder with all of its friends across the globe. I am proud of each and every vote for our new political entity," said Dimitrievski.

When asked about the runoff, he told the incumbent head of state to give up from the fight.

"A message to the President. The margin is enormous. If you want the centre-left idea to survive in the country, give up this fight and let us win on behalf of the citizens in the runoff," said Dimitrievski.

Photo: MIA