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Taravari: We would accept all decisions of the court

Taravari: We would accept all decisions of the court

Skopje, 25 February 2024 (MIA) - We would accept all the decisions of the court because we are sure that we have a majority both in the Central Presidency and in the Central Assembly and among the members of the Congress, said Arben Taravari commenting on the recent rift in the Alliance for Albanians (AA) party. 


In an interview with the Voice of America, Taravari says that the faction in the party that supports Zijadin Sela has been close to DUI for several months, adding that it is a legitimate position that he respects. He claims that he has not had a meeting with Sela after the congress. 


He said that the court proceedings will probably start and that they have submitted their documentation. As regards to the party's property, Taravari pointed out that he and Sela have agreed that he will use the office in Tetovo, whereas Sela's wing will use the office in Skopje.


On the other presidential candidates, he said he expected DUI leader Ali Ahmeti to run for president.


"I believe that this campaign should be a European campaign, and I was honestly expecting Ahmeti's bid, so that the political race between us would be more interesting. However, they decided on their vice-president. Of course, due respect for all the candidates in the presidential race. In the end, it's the people who decide," said Taravari. 


Regarding the idea of ​​electing the country's President in the Parliament, Taravari said the country is a parliamentary democracy, and there is no need for expenses for elections, noting that the country's first President has also been elected in the Parliament. 


Asked who they would form a coalition with after the elections, Taravari said North Macedonia's only path is the European path.


Photo: MIA archive