• Sunday, 16 June 2024

New mural in Skopje to mark start of 19th AKTO festival

New mural in Skopje to mark start of 19th AKTO festival

Skopje, 28 March 2024 (MIA) — Murals celebrating the spirit of solidarity will be unveiled in several cities nationwide as part of the 19th AKTO Festival for Contemporary Arts, which will take place throughout the entire year organized by the association Faculty of Things that Can't Be Learned. 

The first mural to be unveiled is in Skopje. The mural is located at Teodosij Gologanov Blvd 33, opposite the Kuzman Josifovski Pitu dormitory. It was painted by Ivana Samandova, Ana Trajkovska and Dorotej Neshovski.

The facade had been dilapidated for years, while displaying a 30-year-old advertisement, also damaged.

"The idea behind this mural was not to restore the facade or present a visual solution only, but to create a reminder of the importance of solidarity in society," AKTO festival organizers said. 


The aim of the mural, they added, was to directly communicate "with passers-by in everyday life, those heading to (or leaving from) work, school, college, shopping, walks."

The mural itself depicts passers-by and reads: "The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members,” quoting American author, activist, and civil rights leader Coretta Scott King.

The message, organizers said, is a reminder to the community that its members are responsible for building mutual understanding, tolerance and joint efforts to create better and healthier living conditions. mr/