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Jobs and exports continue to rise in free economic zones

Jobs and exports continue to rise in free economic zones

Skopje, 7 August 2023 (MIA) - The number of jobs and exports continue to rise in the free economic zones. As of July, the number of jobs has reached over 17,150, a 14-percent increase compared to the same month in 2022, shows a regular monthly analysis of the Directorate for Technological-Industrial Development Zones.


The Directorate says almost 900 new jobs have opened in the zones since the onset of 2023.


"The rise of exports also continues, reaching over EUR 2 billion by July. July alone saw exports in the amount of EUR 336 million, a 20-percent rise compared to July 2022," said the Directorate. 


Imports in period January-July, it adds, reached over EUR 1.8 billion. 


"In July alone, imports stood at EUR 261 million, which is a 13-pecent increase compared to July 2022 and 2021, and 39-percent increase compared to July 2020," the Directorate notes. 


These developments have led to a positive trend of net exports, which stands at 25 percent by July, reads the report. 


The Directorate expects this growth trend to continue, considering that agreements worth over EUR 280 million have been concluded since the onset of 2023, set to open over 4,600 new jobs in the next ten years. ssh/nn/


Photo: MIA archive