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Gjurchinovski - Kristoffersen: Excellent cooperation between North Macedonia and Norway’s armies, opportunities for improvement

Gjurchinovski - Kristoffersen: Excellent cooperation between North Macedonia and Norway’s armies, opportunities for improvement

Ohrid, 10 May 2024 (MIA) - Army Chief of Staff, Lieutenant-General Vasko Gjurchinovski met with his Norwegian counterpart, General Eirik Kristoffersen, who is on a two-day visit to North Macedonia, at the Water Training Camp in Ohrid on Friday.

Interlocutors assessed the long-term cooperation between the two armies as being very important, expressing assurance in its future improvement.

Norwegian General Kristoffersen emphasized the importance of sharing responsibilities and joint action in NATO operations for achieving mutual interoperability and dealing with all security challenges.

General Gjurchinovski used the opportunity to thank Norway for its support, as well as the large number of joint projects that improve interoperability and the capabilities of the Macedonian army in performing tasks.

Gjurchinovski presented Kristoffersen the Golden Badge medal as a sign of gratitude for the assistance and support so far, among which is the donation of 76 non-combat vehicles, initiated at a previous meeting between the two generals.

At the working meeting with some of the key personnel from the General Staff before the delegation from Norwegian Armed Forces, the Macedonian army presented the level of transformation and reforms, current participation and contribution to missions, capacities of the Krivolak army field for carrying out training and exercises, and joint participation in NATO activities.

Generals Gjurchinovski and Kristoffersen attended the demonstration exercise of the members of the Special Forces Battalion, and exhibition of some of the motor vehicles that were donated by the Kingdom of Norway, and plans for their usage.

The Army and Ministry of Defense have developed excellent bilateral ties with the Norwegian Armed Forces that is realized in several fields, including professional development of officers and corporals for staff duties, training and exchange of experiences in medical training, public relations, etc.

In addition to non-combat vehicles, the Kingdom of Norway has also donated sophisticated equipment of the protection of telecommunication networks, medical and computer equipment, musical instruments for the army orchestra, and a light maneuvering field hospital.

The Norwegian Armed Forces, in addition to Macedonian surgical and medical teams, carried out tasks within the frameworks of the "ISAF" and "Resolute Support" missions in Afghanistan, as part of the staff of the Norwegian field hospital. ssh/ba/

Photo: ARM