• Friday, 19 July 2024

European Front publishes declaration on constitutional changes signed with ‘Worth It’ coalition

European Front publishes declaration on constitutional changes signed with ‘Worth It’ coalition

Skopje, 11 May 2024 (MIA) - The European Front published Saturday a joint political declaration, which, it said, was signed together with the leaders of the opposition coalition of parties of the Albanians - “Worth It” on January 13, in which they pledge to only cooperate with political parties that agree to implement the constitutional amendments.

DUI leader Ali Ahmeti said that in addition to him, the declaration was also signed by Arben Taravari, Afrim Gashi, Bilall Kasami and Izet Mexhiti.

“Taking into account the situation of the country and the responsibility we have towards the citizens, we feel obliged to state that we are fully determined, now and in the future, to cooperate and rule together only with those political parties that agree to support the constitutional amendments as a condition for the continuation of the country’s EU integration process,” Ahmeti said while reading from the document.

Without giving any details, Ahmeti said the declaration was signed after previous consultations, and stressed that the European Front will be “the pillar of peace and stability” in the country, because, he said, North Macedonia’s place is in the European Union.

“On January 13, I signed this agreement alongside Mr. Taravari. We are very rational and convinced that now more than ever we need stability, peace, good relations between the communities, zero issues with the neighbors and full-fledged membership in the European Union. We should leave our emotions behind us, and we should all make an effort to create solid structures in the country with these capacities. The European Front is ready to lead the processes so that our country can assume its rightful place,” Ahmeti said. 

Photo: European Front