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Solution on officials' wages by end of November, says Deputy PM

Solution on officials' wages by end of November, says Deputy PM

Skopje, 20 November 2023 (MIA) - A solution must be found on the officials' wages by the end of November because the provisions have to be adopted by lawmakers, said Deputy PM for Economic Affairs Fatmir Bytyqi on Monday.

"I believe we will meet again this week so that a proposal is finally put on the table. We must have a solution by the end of November because it will require changes in the law that have to pass in Parliament. The funds released will be transferred to pensioners, students and all those who need it more than some officials," Deputy PM Bytyqi told reporters.

On the protests announced by a portion of the public sector employees, he said it was not an issue for the Government to raise the wages if services rendered matched the demand and if the increase did not impact others.

"No problem, we can solve anything, as long as it is not done at the expense of others. Let's not forget that if we increase wages in the health sector and the judiciary, we will have to make cuts in the field of pensions, student meals, student books. It is simple as that," said Bytyqi.

According to him, the Government is giving its best in this regard.

"Changes do not happen overnight, they require time. The Minister of Labor and Social Policy and I are involved in almost all negotiations with all parties. We have no issues with wage increases in the health sector, provided the health services correspond to the ones provided to our grandparents, parents, ourselves. We have no issue in increasing wages in the judiciary if citizens do not wait for years so their cases and destinies are resolved," noted Bytyqi.

Minister Trenchevska said a new raise in the public sector wages will take effect in September 2024, in line with the General Collective Agreement.

"The ten-percent raise in September of this year will be followed by another next September. In March 2025, we are scheduled to start with the new methodology for wage calculation, namely coefficient multiplied by the average wage," said Trenchevska.

Photo: MIA

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