• Saturday, 20 July 2024

SEC: 7.22% voter turnout by 9 am

SEC: 7.22% voter turnout by 9 am

Skopje, 22 May 2024 (MIA) - The State Election Commission (SEC) said Wednesday that voter turnout at seven polling stations for the 2024 parliamentary rerun stands at 7.22% until 9 am.

Out of the total of 4,521 registered voters, 326 have cast their votes. Compared to the voting on May 8, this revote shows an increased turnout of 4.07 percent at these polling stations.

The highest turnout is recorded at the polling station in Krushevo, with 57 voters casting their votes, constituting 12.15 percent. Meanwhile, the lowest turnout is registered in Dolneni at polling station 1470/1, where, by 9 am, only 14 voters have voted, accounting for 2.22 percent.

101 voters or 10.17 percent turnout voted at the polling station 2101 in Zhelino. In Krushevo’s polling station 1202, 22 voters cast their votes or 7.38 percent turnout. At the polling station 1272 in Ohrid, 54 voters voted, representing a 7.59 percent turnout. At the 1470 polling station in Dolneni, 22 voters or 3.34 percent voted. In Struga, at polling station 1844, the turnout is 7.44 percent, with 56 voters having cast their votes.

The polling stations, as reported by the SEC, opened at 7 am.

Re-voting in the fifth election district takes place at polling stations 1194 and 1202 in Krushevo, 1272 in Ohrid, 1470 and 1470/1 in Dolneni, and 1844 in Struga, while in the sixth election district at polling station 2101 in Zhelino.

Photo: MIA archive