• Thursday, 13 June 2024

Pendarovski challenges Mickoski to a TV duel

Pendarovski challenges Mickoski to a TV duel

Skopje, 9 April 2024 (MIA) - Presidential candidate Stevo Pendarovski told a rally in Delchevo on Tuesday that TV debates of presidential hopefuls would not take place.

"I was the first to propose so-called master debates, including all seven candidates, in front of all TV stations, at least twice before the first round and once ahead of the runoff. However, the biggest opposition party first rejected by saying two of the candidates should not take part, then they changed their mind but three big TV stations cancelled," said Pendarovski.

In this context, he said he was prepared to face his opponents anytime, any place, on any given TV station.

"But let me propose a real duel. I challenge (VMRO-DPMNE leader) Hristijan Mickoski to a duel, because it is obviously he who is running for president, Mrs. Siljanovska is nowhere to be seen," said Pendarovski.