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Over 130 Macedonian companies meet 'Lidl', discuss possible cooperation

Over 130 Macedonian companies meet 'Lidl', discuss possible cooperation

Skopje, 15 May 2024 (MIA) - Over 130 Macedonian companies met with German retail chain ‘Lidl’ regarding the possibility for cooperation, considering the company's construction of logistics and distribution center in Kumanovo.

The company said in a press release this type of cooperation with local companies is one of their basic starting points in every county they operate out of.

In a written statement, the Head of Purchasing in Lidl North Macedonia, Stefan Georgiev, says the basic idea of Lidl in every country it operates out of is the development of local production capacities and joint growth and development with local partners.

Although Lidl North Macedonia is not yet fully operational, Georgiev states that this process is already working. In October 2023, the company started a project for the promotion of Macedonian traditional products, such as ajvar, pastmajlija, rice grown in Kochani, wine from the Tikvesh Winery, lamb meat, etc. in Lidl Serbia and Lidl Bulgaria.

"The export that will be realized though Lidl North Macedonia by the end of 2024, in these two countries alone, will reach more than EUR 2 million, or four times more compared to the previous year. Macedonian fruits and vegetables were made available to Lidl consumers in Serbia, Bulgaria, Romania, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Germany. Over 3,600 crates of fruits and vegetables were exported from April 2023 to March 2024. In 2024, that export alone will reach 4,500 crates, with the help of our local suppliers. These examples and results are our motivation and a driving force for further success," says Georgiev.

Chief Executive Officer of Lidl North Macedonia, Rubrijan Hadziev, points out they will try to be cost-competitive, but that the main goal will be cooperating with local companies.

"Lidl's brand is present in 31 countries. As leaders in the segment of everyday shopping, we set standards that will increase the quality of the offer, while also being cost-competitive on the market. Our main goal is cooperation with local companies," Hadziev noted.

Почна изградбата на логистичкиот и дистрибутивен центар „Лидл“ во индустриската зона Речица во Куманово. Инвестицијата е 80 милиони евра и ќе отвори повеќе од 150 работни места. Парцелата заф

In January 2024, Lidl launched the construction of a logistics and distribution center in the Rechica industrial zone in Kumanovo. The investment is worth EUR 80 million and is expected to create more than 150 jobs. The plot covers an area of 170,997 square meters, a logistics center of 63,000 square meters and buildings, offices, and advanced infrastructure, which will also use renewable energy sources.

Lidl belongs to the Schwarz Group, with stores in 31 countries, EUR 114 billion turnover, 12,000 stores, and over 380,000 employees. ssh/ik/

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