• Sunday, 09 June 2024

Marichikj in Kotor: Country’s Europeanization through Growth Plan must continue for prosperity of every citizen

Marichikj in Kotor: Country’s Europeanization through Growth Plan must continue for prosperity of every citizen

Skopje, 16 May 2024 (MIA) - Deputy Prime Minister for European Affairs, Bojan Marichikj, said in a video statement that the Secretariat for European Affairs and the Ministry of Finance of North Macedonia presented the priorities of the Reform Agenda as our commitment within the Growth Plan. He further mentioned that the EU has high recognition for these priorities, which are also in line with Brussels' priorities. This statement came after the ministerial meeting on the Growth Plan for the Western Balkans held in Kotor, Montenegro.

Highlighting the significance of the Growth Plan, Marichikj underscored the urgency of efficiently executing the agreed-upon obligations of every country included in the EU's Growth Plan for the Western Balkans.

“That's the main message from the regional meeting of Ministers for European Affairs and Finance Ministers from the countries of the region, with the highest representatives of the European Commission and EU financial institutions responsible for the successful and timely implementation of the Growth Plan,” stated Marichikj.

According to the Secretariat for European Affairs, Marichikj said that our obligations regarding accession to the Single Euro Payment Area, green lanes to streamline trade and transport, free Wi-Fi zones in 500 municipalities in the region, and the establishment of digital innovation centers have already been negotiated and harmonized. As he highlighted, the next steps have also been determined.

“One of them is the work on projects for the Single Market Academy to ensure that national systems are fully aligned with those of the EU. Accepting digital wallet is of paramount importance as a convenient and secure method for citizens and businesses to establish their identity, using their digital ID card for interaction in both public and private sectors. As the third priority until the next meeting, it has been agreed to work on the accession of Western Balkan countries to the EU Critical Medicines Alliance to strengthen national health capacities. For all of this, we owe gratitude to the EC for the achieved goals so far and for their close cooperation with our institutions,” Marichikj said.

“The EU's commitment to accelerating the Euro-integration processes of the Western Balkan countries and North Macedonia,” he noted, “serves as a strong impetus for us to not impede this progress in any manner.”

"This is about a process for the swift Europeanization of the country, which must continue according to the already established plans and priorities for the prosperity of every citizen, of North Macedonia and the region, and Europe,” Marichikj said.

Photo: Secretariat for European Affairs