• Tuesday, 18 June 2024

Macedonia2025: Diaspora extending a hand, to focus on digitization, fight against corruption, better regulation and stable institutions

Macedonia2025: Diaspora extending a hand, to focus on digitization, fight against corruption, better regulation and stable institutions

Skopje, 15 May 2024 (MIA) - We are constantly extending a hand, we wish to help any government in order to improve the system of attracting investments, both foreign but also from the diaspora. We are currently offering to help in two key areas – digitization and competitiveness, the heads of Macedonia2025 said at a press conference Wednesday.

At the press conference, they stressed that stable institutions, economic opportunities for investments and rooting out corruption are essential to make sure there are more investments from the diaspora.

The diaspora, they said, is helping domestic companies to launch or realize as many exports as possible, but that assistance and support should be channelled better. 

“The diaspora is really helping a lot, but I think that assistance should be channelled more and I hope that by building strong institutions, the diaspora can get involved in the economic and democratic development of Macedonia even more,” the CEO of Macedonia2025, Nikica Mojsovska-Blazhevski said at the press conference. 

Speaking about what needs to be improved on an institutional and national level, Mojsovska-Blazhevski stressed that sometimes the authorities are listening to the recommendations, and sometimes not. 

“We are a nongovernmental organization, we invest a lot of time, energy and funds to make things better. However, to have a greater impact, you really must cooperate with the government and the government institutions,” Mojsovska-Blazhevski said. 

Vasko Kronevski, member of the organization’s Board of Directors, stressed that innovations and new technologies are crucial for economic development, the fight against corruption and achieving growth of at least 5 percent. 

“The digitization of government services for the citizens and for businesses is essential, but digital literacy of the citizens and digital businesses are also necessary. We are ready, alongside the government, to help businesses transform digitally,” Kronevski said. 

Zhivko Mukaetov, member of the Board of Directors, touched upon the creation of quality employees and pointed to the need to invest in new technologies, knowledge and skills. 

“We need a combination of what we provide and of the new technologies, as well as a good, motivating climate for work, with concrete assistance for certain programmes so that we can move things forward,” Mukaetov assesed. 

The heads of Macedonia2025 said they would meet with several government institutions as well as future Prime Minister-designate Hrisitjan Mickoski and his team. Mickoski is expected to close the two-day Macedonia2025 Summit on Thursday. 

“We will extend a hand for support of any kind – human resources, knowledge, contacts, finances, we really are prepared,” CEO Nikica Mojsovska-Blazhevski said, stressing that they are ready to play a constructive role in the coming turnaround of the country’s economy. 

Photo/Video: MIA/Macedonia2025