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John Malkovich's play "The Infernal Comedy:Confessions of a Serial Killer" at Ohrid Summer Festival

John Malkovich's play

Ohrid, 25 July 2023 (MIA) - World-famous Hollywood actor, director and producer John Malkovich announced at a press conference on Tuesday that his play "The Infernal Comedy: Confessions of a Serial Killer", which has been described as ‘a unique and perfect stage experience’, will be performed for the first time ever at the Ohrid Summer Festival.

Connecting classical music and acting into one big stage and music project, the famous actor will perform on Wednesday, accompanied by the Vienna Academy Orchestra and sopranos Chen Reiss and Susanne Langbein.

Sanja Arsovska, the festival's program selector, stated that the play is directed and written by Michael Struminger, and that builds its dramaturgical structure and emotional architecture on two opposites - comedy and psychological drama.

“On one hand, the serial killer, with light wit and lucidity, strings together events from his life, captivating the audience in a web of ironic humor, and as the audience thinks they are caught in a comedic atmosphere, a real inferno accompanied by an orchestra and powerful sopranos occurs on stage. Here is where the serial killer, Jack Unterweger, starts to expel the demons from within him,” Arsovska said.

Actor John Malkovich, who started his artistic career in theatre, noted he performed this play on stage for the first time 15 years ago, but that it has been modified, primarily due to the limitations for artistic performance imposed by the coronavirus.

"Last year we reinvented the play, which I personally love, especially since it somehow connects theater and classics. It attracts the audience with its innovative approach," Malkovich noted.

Regarding violence as a topic and how it is presented in the play, the actor believes that it will always remain relevant because violence has always existed and will continue to exist among people.

"At its core, this work connects two diametrically opposed views. One is the social aptitude based mainly on the idea of repentance, and on the other hand the idea of protecting people, especially the part of the population vulnerable to any form of violence. The two ideas presented in the play are in constant conflict," Malkovich added.

Regarding the play, he said it is a warning that certain decisions can bring unpredictable consequences.

"Pardoning may be a political mistake. On the other hand, I think that every human deserves a chance to repent. Pardon and repentance as concepts are constantly opposed. In this case, ill-judged decisions result in violence..." Malkovic notes.

Minister of Culture Bisera Kostadinovska-Stojchevska emphasized that it is a great honor that Malkovich will be included into the list of the most glamorous artists that have performed at the Ohrid Summer Festival, as one of the five most elite European festivals.

"Malkovich, with his theatrical and artistic value, will leave a lasting mark on our most eminent cultural and theatrical manifestation. Through his rich experience and charisma as an exceptional actor, director, and producer, his presence will further promote ‘Ohrid Summer’ and our country.” the Minister stressed.

Malkovich emphasized that Ohrid and North Macedonia are more beautiful than he imagined. He also added that he had been to the region and the countries of former Yugoslavia several times before, but that this was his first time in Ohrid. His requests so far have been modest, he asked to see the St.Naum monastery, which has already been granted.

The play will be performed at the Ancient Theater in Ohrid in front of two thousand guests, which have expressed interest through the numerous reservations made from people in the region, as well as the Netherlands, France, Brazil, the United States... ssh/ik/

Photo: MIA