• Saturday, 15 June 2024

Greek Film Festival begins

Greek Film Festival begins

Skopje, 8 April 2024 (MIA) — Attended by diplomats, actors, directors, and other members of the country's political and cultural scene, the fourth Greek Film Festival opened Sunday evening at the Cinematheque and will run through April 10.


According to organizers in a press release, the attendees were greeted by Kleri Koltsida, head of the Public Diplomacy Office at the Embassy of Greece.

"This is the fourth time the festival has been held," Koltsida said, adding that it was held every two years and this was the first time it was also held in Bitola.



Kinenova festival director Nebojsha Jovanovikj, in addressing the attendees, thanked the Embassy of Greece and the Greek Ambassador Sophia Philippidou for the help in creating this festival.

"We may not change the whole world, we may not erase any borders, but we will certainly create new border crossings and new bridges through the festival programming, because culture has that power, and film especially," he said.



This evening, the festival will screen Dimitri Athanitis' "Invisible" (2016), a story of a factory worker who is fired without any warning. He is ready to take justice in his hands when his ex-wife dumps their six-year-old son to him.

The festival will also show Thanos Liberopoulos' short "Biouti" (2021) – a story about an unemployed young woman living with her controlling mother, looking for a way out through the glittery yet cruel YouTube beauté universe.

Greek Film Festival is organized by the Embassy of Greece and Kinenova International Film Festival with the support of sponsors. mr/