• Tuesday, 14 May 2024

"EU for Prespa" programme to provide over EUR 13 million for infrastructure, sustainable agriculture and tourism

Skopje, 22 April 2024 (MIA) - The European Union and United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) will work on protecting the biodiversity of the Prespa Lake and development of sustainable agriculture and tourism, implementing large infrastructural investments for waste and wastewater management, and improvement of regional development with a package of measures worth EUR 13,720,000 million.

UNDP Office in Skopje said on Monday that investments for the protection of the ecosystem in the Prespa region will be implemented through two completed projects: “EU for Infrastructure Improvements in the Prespa Area” and "EU for Prespa - Restoration of natural resources and enhancing sustainable agriculture and tourism”.

"The Prespa Lake region is an area of exceptional beauty and biodiversity. Its vulnerable ecosystem must be protected, while the people living on its shore should benefit from opportunities for sustainable development. EU's programme 'EU for Prespa' is designed to do just that, improve protection in the region and promote sustainable development for all. The programme also includes financial aid for the construction of the Markova Noga border crossing that connects North Macedonia and Greece, enabling greater economic opportunities, expansion of the region's tourism potential and closer economic ties between communities around the lake," said EU Ambassador David Geer.

"EU for Prespa" programme will help with water and soil pollution management and the protection of endemic species in the Prespa Lake. More than 1,500 residents and 6 villages will have access to modern and efficient solutions for managing this risk with the construction of wastewater management systems.

"The solid waste management network will expand into 11 villages and service over 1,100 residents, for the prevention of environmental pollution with several tons of waste every year. The UNDP has been present in this region for more than a decade with several projects for the protection of the Prespa Lake and the results have been recognized globally," noted UNDP Resident Representative Armen Grigoryan.

The "EU for Prespa" projects are financed by EU and partially by UNDP, and will be implemented in cooperation with Resen Municipality, Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning, Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Economy, Customs Administration and other national and local partners.

The projects will be implemented in the next three years until 2027.

Photo: UNDP