• Tuesday, 16 July 2024

Authorities urge for caution after snake bite lands man in hospital

Authorities urge for caution after snake bite lands man in hospital

Skopje, 21 June 2024 (MIA) - The Emergency Medical Service in Skopje has registered the first case of snake bite. The Crisis Management Center (CMC) has notified about reports of snakes in populated areas, and the authorities urge for caution during the summer, in order to protect the citizens.

Doctor Dragan Panov from the Emergency Medical Service in Skopje told MIA that a 50-year old man was admitted to the hospital after he was bitten by a snake in Idrizovo on Tuesday.  

"An ambulance vehicle rushed the person to the Infectious Diseases Clinic in Skopje, where he was admitted to further treatment and observation," Panov told MIA. 

He urged citizens to stay aware of their surroundings outdoors and wear appropriate clothing to keep themselves safe from snakes.  

Новите влезови до хируршкиот ургентен центар и инфективната клиника и целосно асфалтирање на улицата под хируршките клиники веќе привршува и може да биде во функција од почетокот на следната

He noted that there is an increase in callouts for emergency medical services.  

"We are seeing an increasing number of traffic accidents, injuries after people fall from scooters, an increasing number of callouts after collapses in public places due to the summer heat. We are working with reduced capacity, priority is given to the most urgent situations," Panov pointed out.

The CMC has notified about recent reports of snakes in several populated areas and urges for caution especially when outdoors. CMC noted that there is no specialized service for capturing and safely removing snakes.

"The more frequent occurrence of snakes in populated areas indicates that local governments, and certainly at a higher level, and specialized institutions from the veterinary field, are advised to try, within their capabilities, in cooperation with professionals from the veterinary field, to help citizens in repelling snakes from certain areas and regions with various ecological means, as well as safe capture in certain cases when they are in residential properties and populated areas," said the CMC. 

Sightings of snakes were reported in several populated areas across the country in June. 

Додека многу змии се плашат од луѓето и претпочитаат да се скријат или „да глумат“ мртви, отколку да напаѓаат, ова соевидно големо „змиско гнездо“ не е место за тестирање на сѐ тоа.

"Snakes generally prefer to keep away from people, and when left alone, snakes present little or no danger to people. But a snake could attack, for example, if accidentally stepped on or if it feels threatened when someone passes quickly right next to it. In addition to being recommended to wear appropriate shoes, clothes and walking sticks when outdoors, citizens are advised to get useful information about providing first aid, specifically on how to react, immobilize and treat a snake bite. It is certainly recommended that they dial 112 in the CMC," said the CMC. 

Photo: MIA archive