• Friday, 19 July 2024

Army marks Day of the Air Brigade

Army marks Day of the Air Brigade

Skopje, 10 June 2024 (MIA) - The members of the Macedonian Army’s Air Brigade within the Operations Command (OC) marked June 10 – Day of the Air Brigade with a military ceremony Monday at the “Strasho Pindzur” military barracks in Petrovec. 

At the event, the Commander of the Air Brigade, Colonel Igorcho Stoimenovski, noted that June 10 marks 32 years since the first flight of a Macedonian aircraft with a Macedonian crew. 

“The beginnings were fairly humble, but at the time we had what mattered the most – an experienced, professional and highly motivated staff that laid the cornerstone of the military air force and air defense,” Stoimenovski said. 

Stoimenovski said next year the unit would be equipped with French air defense system “Mistral”, as well as Italian “Agusta” helicopters with a broad range of capabilities for close air support of the Army’s units as well as civil institutions in case of natural disasters or emergencies. 

“With the country’s full-fledged NATO membership, processes have been launched for the modernization of the unit in the example of the modern armies,” Stoimenovski said. 

The Chief of Staff of the Operations Command, Brigadier General Mirche Gjorgoski, noted that the defense of the country's airspace represents a top priority and that there has been concrete contribution to the development of the unit’s capacities and capabilities over the past 32 years. 

“During this historic period, the unit passed through significant stages of development and transformations. After more than three decades, we can say that we designed and equipped the unit in line with its mission and tasks, and within the capabilities of the Army and our country. Through hard work and dedication, it has grown into a unit that is functioning and developing in line with the NATO standards,” Gjorgoski said. 

The unit, he said, is recognized as a team of highly trained professionals capable of carrying out military tasks, as well as putting out fires and carrying out other humanitarian missions. 

Photo: MIA