• Saturday, 15 June 2024

Ukraine's defence minister says deliveries of Western arms are late

Ukraine's defence minister says deliveries of Western arms are late

Kiev, 25 February 2024 (dpa/MIA) - Ukraine says half of military aid from Western allies is arriving later than arranged and that its late arrival is impacting the situation on the battlefield.


"Fifty percent of what has been promised does not arrive on time," Defence Minister Rustem Umerov told journalists in Kiev on Sunday, as Ukraine enters its third year of fending off a Russian invasion with Western support.


"We are losing people and material," added Umerov. Ukraine has been on the defensive in recent months and under severe pressure due to a lack of ammunition and equipment. The Russian military has meanwhile made recent gains on several sections of the front.


According to Umerov, Kiev's defence campaign continues to be hampered by the lack of air superiority. Ukrainian pilots are currently undergoing training on Western F-16 fighter jets, which are due to arrive in Ukraine in the first half of the year.


According to the minister, Russian warfare is also characterised by the unprecedented use of missiles, Umerov said.


"Since the start of the war, the Russian Federation has fired over 8,000 missiles at Ukraine," the minister said, noting a huge number of combat drones also deployed by Russia.


"This is the first drone war," he said. He put the length of the front line with intensive combat operations at 1,200 kilometres.


Photo: EPA