• Wednesday, 17 July 2024

Turnout by 3 pm: 33.73% in presidential elections; 37.44% in parliamentary elections

Turnout by 3 pm: 33.73% in presidential elections; 37.44% in parliamentary elections

Skopje, 8 May 2024 (MIA) -  A total of 395,576 people, out of 1,172,912 eligible voters, voted in the runoff of the 2024 presidential elections by 3 pm, which is 33.73%, show data sent from 2,271 polling stations. Turnout by 3 pm for the 2024 parliamentary elections is 37.44%, show data sent from 2,136 polling stations after 416,915 people voted out of 1,113,441 eligible voters, said the State Election Commission (SEC). 

According to the SEC, Novaci registered the highest turnout in the presidential elections with 52.32%. Lipkovo has the lowest turnout - 3.60%.

In the parliamentary elections, Kriva Palanka registered the highest turnout with 58.18%. Centar Zhupa has the lowest turnout - 13.74%. 

"Compared to the second round of the 2019 presidential elections, turnout is up by 3.39%. Compared to the first round of the 2024 presidential elections, turnout dropped by 0.84%. Compared to the 2020 parliamentary elections, turnout is increased by 5.66%. ” said SEC. 

In the parliamentary elections, turnout in the first election district is 42,31%; 36.69% in the second; 41.02% in the third; 36.88% in the fourth; 35.95% in the fifth, and 29.14% in the sixth.

"So far, the SEC has received 405 complaints about people's voting rights. Of these, 176 complaints have been approved and voters were enabled to exercise their right to vote, 18 complaints have been found inadmissible, and 58 complaints have been rejected. The remaining complaints are being processed," the SEC said. 

The Commission notes that 1,303 local observers and 860 international observers are monitoring the Election Day Also accredited are 83 foreign journalists. 

Members of the public may ask questions or report irregularities to the SEC by calling the 0800 555 44 toll-free phone number. Those with hearing and speech impairments can make a video call to the SEC at 076 488 360. 

Photo: MIA archive