• Wednesday, 17 July 2024

Putin, Kim sign new agreement on Russia-North Korea ties

Putin, Kim sign new agreement on Russia-North Korea ties

Seoul, 19 June 2024 (dpa/MIA) - Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed a new comprehensive strategic partnership agreement with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un during his state visit to North Korea, Russian state media reported on Wednesday.

Putin said at the outset of the talks that this was a fundamental new document for the relationship between Russia and North Korea.

According to Russian sources, Putin also invited Kim to visit Moscow, following their last meeting in Vladivostok in September. It is Putin's first stay in the neighbouring country in 24 years.

Putin thanked his North Korean host for supporting Russian policy, including Moscow's war against Ukraine.

The United States accuses North Korea of supplying Russia with weapons and ammunition for the invasion. According to observers, the visit is aimed at securing further arms deliveries from Pyongyang for Moscow's war on Ukraine.

Broader discussions were also planned between the delegations of both countries. In addition to several joint meals, a wreath-laying ceremony and a joint concert visit were scheduled.

Relations between the two countries had already been significantly expanded in the past year, Putin said. The talks were also due to cover issues of economic cooperation and international security.

Looking back on his visit in 2000, Putin said Pyongyang had developed into a beautiful capital. At the time, he was received by Kim's father, Kim Jong Il.

Putin was welcomed on Wednesday by a cheering crowd at Kim Il Sung Square, the architectural and symbolic centre of Pyongyang.

According to the White House, the two sides agreed last year on the delivery of North Korean missiles and artillery ammunition to Russia, which Moscow uses in the war.

This is suspected to be in return for the transfer of key military technologies to Pyongyang, which is subject to international sanctions due to its nuclear programme. Both countries have denied any such cooperation.

Photo: DPA