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Mitsotakis: Friends in North Macedonia to realize election campaign is over, to respect Agreement if still interested in EU 

Mitsotakis: Friends in North Macedonia to realize election campaign is over, to respect Agreement if still interested in EU 

Athens, 22 May 2024 (MIA) - I think our friends in North Macedonia need to realize that the election campaign is over, the time has already come for them to become serious, to respect the international agreement if they are interested in staying on the European path, Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis told Greek TV channel “Open” in an interview, MIA’s Athens correspondent reports.

In the morning interview the Greek PM spoke about all current topics in Greece, since the country is currently in an election period ahead of the June 9 European elections, and touched upon the Prespa Agreement, Greece’s relations with North Macedonia, the EU perspective, as well as the three memoranda which are yet to be ratified by the Greek Parliament.

“When we have issues such as for example with our northern neighbors, we solve them with seriousness, clearly outlining our red lines, clarifying the fact that the Prespa Agreement should be respected, even though we disagreed with many of its aspects, we will in no case give concessions when it comes to the name issue. The country’s name is North Macedonia, and as long as some continue to call it the Republic of Macedonia, know that we will oppose them,” Mitsotakis said.

He noted that the issues in the Agreement that refer to the name cannot be changed, but that “there is a possibility to discuss the future of the Agreement” and noted that what they can do is exert “great pressure on Skopje and its government to realize that this policy will ultimately lead them to international isolation and I think they don’t want that”.

He also spoke about the possibility of international pressure, noting the immediate reactions after the President’s inauguration, which, he said, were the result of Greek interventions, emphasizing that Greece is not alone.

“Greece is currently not isolated, Skopje is isolated. And I think they will ultimately realize that this policy is hopeless, and I believe they will adjust to the pressure that will be exerted on them and I think this is good, because we want good relations with our northern neighbor,” Mitsotakis told Open TV.

Regarding the memoranda which are yet to be ratified, the Greek PM reiterated the position that “Greece needs additional negotiating weapons”, and it is precisely the three memoranda that, according to Mitsotakis, strengthen the Greek position and are diplomatic weapons. 

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