• Thursday, 11 July 2024

Mickoski: The country may be small, but it's important not only in terms of energy and border transactions

Mickoski: The country may be small, but it's important not only in terms of energy and border transactions

Skopje, 11 June 2024 (MIA) – We may be small, but we’re very important in this part of the world and not only in terms of energy and cross border transactions. The reality must be taken into consideration and not to undermine this small and fragile market, PM-designate Hristijan Mickoski told the 7th Macedonian Energy Forum (MEF) on Tuesday. 

Energy efficiency, he stressed, will be a priority of the future government and the complete construction of the Greek-Macedonian gas pipeline won’t complete the picture without additional interconnectors toward central and central and eastern Europe.

According to Mickoski, in parallel with energy transition, the country will have to take in consideration also the social aspects all the while paying attention to heating because tackling of pollution too should be one of the key priorities.

“We may be small, but the country is very important when it comes to connecting with neighboring countries and markets. I oftentimes say we are a very important part as regards the power network in this part of the world. Our biggest priority in the future is to balance energy trading from one hand, because the country has been importing, and to create sustainable solutions on the other hand, to reorganize our electricity market so as to export instead of to import electricity. It will balance our portfolio and contribute to the domestic product to develop and to support of the economy,” stated Mickoski.

Opening the forum, U.S. Ambassador Angela Aggeler said that energy security and green energy are the two priorities that will have to overcome party politics.

MEF, organized by the EU Delegation to North Macedonia and ZIP Institute, with Open Society Foundations – Western Balkans as main partner. is the premier event in the energy industry, bringing together innovators and leading experts to debate the latest developments in renewable energy, energy efficiency and sustainable practices.

According to the organizers, MEF 2024 takes place in a somewhat more stable energy environment this year. Most actors recovered from the energy crisis or built greater resilience toward energy volatility and energy challenges. However, there is still a lot of open discussion about the repowering trajectory and its pace. 

Photo/video: MIA