• Saturday, 15 June 2024

Media banned in east Afghan province from taking girls' phone calls

Media banned in east Afghan province from taking girls' phone calls

Islamabad, 25 February 2024 (dpa/MIA) – The Taliban police in Afghanistan’s eastern province of Khost has banned local radio and television channels from accepting phone calls from girls, citing immorality, an Afghan media watchdog reported on Sunday.


In a statement, the Afghanistan Journalists Center (AFJC) said that media officials have been warned of legal consequences for violating the directive.


A letter from the provincial police obtained by the AFJC states that some private radio stations are spreading moral corruption by misusing social programs and education programs.


The letter accused girls of making “illegitimate contacts” with presenters during these programs, allegedly leading to “inappropriate behavior” which is against Islamic standards. In addition, the letter claimed that these radio stations lack the required permits from the authorities for broadcasting educational content.


Due to the closure of schools for girls in Afghanistan, media are increasingly airing educational programs, the AFJC statement added.


Local sources told AFJC that some media were using textbooks outside the official education curriculum and were selling these books at a higher rate.


According to the watchdog, 15 radio and three private TV stations are operating in the province now.


Since returning to power, the Taliban government has curtailed human rights in Afghanistan. For example, girls and women are not allowed to study beyond primary school.


However, in some parts of the country, women and girls still attend religious schools, as well as midwifery and nursing schools.


The Taliban government is not internationally recognized.


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