• Thursday, 13 June 2024

Marinakis: We won't ratify memorandums under current circumstances

Marinakis: We won't ratify memorandums under current circumstances

Athens, 21 May 2024 (MIA) — The memorandums for cooperation related to the Prespa Agreement will not be ratified as long as "this situation goes on," Greece's government spokesman Pavlos Marinakis told Greek Sky TV adding that they were following "the latest developments regarding the new government of North Macedonia," MIA's Athens correspodent reports.

Asked if they would renegotiate the Prespa Agreement, Marinakis said the government respected the continuity of the state and they had an obligation to implement "the bad agreement" they did not want and did not vote for.

The government spokesman criticized Syriza for their decision to recently put the memorandums to a parliamentary vote. 

He said that although Syriza was currently the opposition, they were "a Greek opposition." He added that everyone should have been on the same side – whether they agreed with the Prespa Agreement or not – from the very moment that "the other side did not acknowledge the fundamentals."


"Now Syriza is showing up the moment the other side does not even do the elementary thing, does not use erga omnes for the country's name. Instead of saying North Macedonia, they are saying Macedonia," Marinakis said.


"And the opposition… what do they say in response to the other side, which is not even adhering to the fundamentals? 'Let's give them everything. You don't call the country according to the agreement? We will vote for everything'," he said.


"We lost one weapon, which is NATO, now let's lose the second one, which is the negotiations for North Macedonia's European accession," Marinakis said. He added that "Syriza's position is incomprehensible and illogical." mr/