• Friday, 14 June 2024

Macedonia 2025 Summit: Mobilize all resources for economic development

Macedonia 2025 Summit: Mobilize all resources for economic development

Skopje, 15 May 2024 (MIA) — Progress is not fast enough to achieve the local business community's goals, so strong and decisive action is needed, according to Macedonia 2025 CEO Nikica Mojsovska Blazhevski at the opening of the 13th Macedonia 2025 two-day business summit taking place in Skopje.

According to international rankings, she said, the country lagged behind regional countries and other EU aspirants. Not only was the level of economic development low but also, she said, the challenges included considerable brain drain and major geopolitical changes affecting small economies.

"New rifts continue to divide the country," Mojsovska Blazheski said. "The low living standard and low quality of life deepens the rift that sets off people fighting to grab the bigger share of the public pie – public employment, tenders, misusing public resources, etc. The ethnic divide is strong and seems to permeate every important discussion and public debate. 

"The long transition and the lack of significant progress block our views of reality and our ability to think long term. Current geopolitical developments further impose complexity and uncertainty on the overall environment and on the available space for reforms. 

"All of this, as well as the slow progress in approaching the EU living standard, which is the goal of every citizen in this country, calls for intense and thorough action in the coming period," she said.

She said the recent parliamentary and presidential elections' results gave support to a new political option and a new ideological platform. "However," she said, "they are aware the challenges ahead are very, very big," Mojsovska Blazheski said.

She also promoted Macedonia 2025's "One Vision for Accelerated Growth" program "to bring everyone together on the path to prosperity."

"The foundations of this vision are: zero tolerance for corruption, continuous GDP growth above five percent, greater investments in education, business and regulatory reforms, support for exports and reducing the gray economy, quality and efficient public administration, and accession to the EU," she said. 

"We urge and invite political parties, the business community, members of academia and all citizens to join efforts and resources in creating a better future. We need to mobilize all our resources today to shape our future," Mojsovska Blazhevski said.

She said Macedonia 2025 would put its entire network and all resources to use in supporting the principles essential for growth.

The two-day business summit will offer 12 panel discussions featuring over 50 speakers speaking in front of 500 guests.

Macedonia 2025 was founded with the goal of supporting the country's development so by 2025 the country would become a developed country and a member of NATO and the EU.

Last year, it launched 40 programs involving 1,500 high school students, undergraduates, managers, and companies. Since its establishment, the organization said it has carried out activities to support economic development worth four million dollars. mr/