• Wednesday, 17 July 2024

G7 'unequivocally condemns' attack, affirms solidarity with Israel

G7 'unequivocally condemns' attack, affirms solidarity with Israel

Rome, 14 April 2024 (dpa/MIA) - The leaders of the seven leading democratic industrialized countries (G7) condemned Iran's unprecedented attack on Israel in the strongest possible terms on Sunday and underlined their full support for the security of the Jewish state.

"With its actions, Iran has further stepped toward the destabilization of the region and risks provoking an uncontrollable regional escalation. This must be avoided," the G7 said in a joint statement following a video call convened by the Italian presidency on Sunday evening.

The G7 called on Iran and its proxies cease their attacks, and said it stood ready to take further measures now and in response to further destabilizing initiatives. "We will continue to work to stabilize the situation and avoid further escalation."

The leaders also reaffirmed their full solidarity with Israel and their commitment to its security.

The G7 also said it would work to end the crisis in Gaza, including by continuing to work towards an immediate and sustainable ceasefire and the release of hostages by Hamas, and deliver increased humanitarian assistance to Palestinians in need.

The G7 group of democratic industrialized nations consists of Germany, France, the UK, Italy, Japan, Canada and the US. The EU is also represented at the meetings. Italy currently holds the G7 presidency.

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said after the meeting that the G7 would continue its efforts to stabilize the situation. "Looking ahead, we will discuss additional sanctions against Iran, particularly with regard to Iran's drone and missile programmes," she said.

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