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Zaev: Deal reached with DUI, DPA joins gov’t coalition

SDSM leader Zoran Zaev said Tuesday an agreement has been reached with DUI on parliamentary majority, forming a new government, and distribution of departments in the new coalition. 

Skopje, 18 August 2020 (MIA) – SDSM leader Zoran Zaev said Tuesday an agreement has been reached with DUI on parliamentary majority, forming a new government, and distribution of departments in the new coalition.

He noted that the agreement needs to be approved by the parties’ highest bodies on Tuesday and Wednesday. In addition, Zaev said, the agreement will be presented to the parties of the “We Can” coalition, as well as to DPA as a future government coalition partner.

“We’ve specified and confirmed the framework for future cooperation in the government coalition. SDSM, the “We Can” coalition and DUI reached a coalition agreement on parliamentary majority, distribution of departments, composition and principles of the new full-term government that will be committed in the next four years to the interests of the people and the country,” Zaev pointed out, adding that he’ll lead the government in the next four years.

The SDSM leader said it’s been particularly important to achieve a swift agreement on a government coalition due to the need to have key institutions in the country in full operation as soon as possible in order to deal with the health effects and all other challenges of COVID-19.

Zaev presented some of the principles of the new government.

Both parties will propose quality, responsible and accountable individuals. According to Zaev, these will be individuals ready to fully implement program commitments and principles of the coalition agreement.

“They will be guided by the principles of one society for all, as well as the strong will for equal participation of men and women in the executive. There’ll be no ministers without portfolio in the Government, with the exception of deputy prime ministers,” Zaev said.

He pledged for improving people’s standard, further salary increase and more foreign investments.

“We stand together for non-selective and comprehensive fight against crime and corruption at all levels,” PM-designate Zaev underlined.

He added that he and Ahmeti have agreed on implementing cleansing of judiciary and inspecting the origin of office holders’ finances and assets through a mutually agreed system.

In addition, Zaev announced an increase of the accountability of all institutions, as well as cutting privileges of officials.

According to Zaev, coalition agreement has been reached for the protection of the environment, air, soil, and water, to be among the top priorities of the Government program which is to be implemented through mobilization of all state institutions, officials, students and pupils, all citizens and all communities. Also, inspection will be tightened and there’ll be increased fines for polluters.

“It is our common position that fight against the coronavirus needs to remain a top priority of public health through a comprehensive and transparent approach to management of health facilities and protection of citizens,” Zaev pointed out.

SDSM and DUI, he underlined, have agreed to make priority the implementation of all reforms in terms of the country’s EU membership.

“We’ll translate these principles into a joint government program that will fully continue to follow the path traced by the country’s NATO membership, which is the path determined with the Prespa Agreement, the Treaty on Friendship, Good Neighborliness and Cooperation with Bulgaria, and the Ohrid Framework Agreement. This is the European path, the path of economy, justice and equality,” Zaev said.

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