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Xhaferi: State of emergency cannot last indefinitely

Party leaders must show responsibility towards finding a solution, as the state of emergency in the country cannot last indefinitely, Parliament Speaker Talat Xhaferi told Slobodna TV's "Morning Briefing" show on Monday.

Skopje, 1 June 2020 (MIA) – Party leaders must show responsibility towards finding a solution, as the state of emergency in the country cannot last indefinitely, Parliament Speaker Talat Xhaferi told Slobodna TV’s “Morning Briefing” show on Monday.

“In regard to the current situation, I have said that we must not be surprised if we come to a situation to hold elections even during the state of emergency, because the appropriate institutions need to be set up. We cannot live in a state of emergency indefinitely,” Xhaferi said.

Commenting on the legal aspects of why the Parliament cannot reconvene, Xhaferi said that because of the ambiguity about the duration of the situation, and things were being resolved ad hoc in the absence of a plan.

“I don’t feel like a winner, and my goal was not to come out victorious over everyone else. But a lot of precedents have been set in these three decades, and I don’t think we have to set precedents because it will cost us dearly in the future. An example of a precedent is when we consider that Parliament can be dissolved and reconvene when necessary. The Constitution allows shortening the term for early elections. And in such a situation, a political decision is made for one action. We created a situation six months in advance by setting an election date and did not leave any opportunity for evaluations. We did not learn the lesson. Since March 18, after the first state of emergency was declared, we have not had any strategy for way out from this situation and the state of emergency cannot last indefinitely,” Xhaferi said, underlining the experts’ opinions that COVID-19 situation may be even worse in the coming period.

In regard to the remarks of the opposition that the work of the Commission for Infectious Diseases was questioned due party affiliation of epidemiologists, he said that commission members are experts and they should be left to do their job, as not every action can be political.

“Everyone has the right to be associated to their party or ideology, but what matters is their expertise. They follow the trends, none of their findings are different from the trends,” Xhaferi said.

Talking about some of the exit solutions, he pointed out that it is possible that the voting will take place in a few days.

“If the predictions say that this situation will be in the next few years, with an unclear situation, then at the moment a consensus can be reach that on election day, infected people will not to be able to exercise their right to vote or to vote at home. There are mechanisms for that,” he said.

Xhaferi believed that it is feasible elections to be held in a several days.

“It should be done by adopting a decree. That is one of the solutions. The experts should give a consensus and a mechanism for the way of voting,” he said.

Xhaferi said that the political parties should communicate urging them to show responsibility.

“They are representatives of the citizens. I appeal to everyone who has taken responsibility to make decisions, to bring the situation to an end and to decide on election day when the citizens will be able to vote for new institutions. There was enough time for all of us to understand that the situation is serious and taking into account the experts’ opinion that in the future this situation may only get worse, and therefore in such situations we should take some of the risk,” Xhaferi noted.

According to him, in the end, the institutions should take the responsibility to implement issues in the interest of the citizens.

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