Road condition report

Wet road conditions are reported across the country.

Skopje, 17 April 2021 (MIA) – Wet road conditions are reported across the country.

There is moderate traffic outside urban areas. No delays are reported on border crossings.

Landslides are possible along the routes of Katlanovo – Veles, Mavrovo – Debar – Struga, Vinica – Berovo and Kochani – Delchevo.

Construction works are underway on April 16-17 on the state road A1 – toll station Romanovce, for installing road equipment at toll stations to improve traffic safety, the Auto-Moto Association of Macedonia said.

Traffic management regime signs are placed at Petrovec toll station, Skopje – Petrovec road, as well as at Miladinovci toll station, Skopje – Miladinovci road, but no changes to traffic flow are in place. Construction works will be carried out during next week depending on weather conditions.

As of Mar. 24, the Lakavica-Negotino road section has been closed for traffic for five months due to bridge rehabilitation.

Also under way are works for rehabilitation of the Kriva Palanka-Deve Bair road section.

Motorists are advised to drive carefully, adjust their speed to weather conditions and follow traffic rules, signs and signals.

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