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Revision of privatization one of our priorities, Bachev tells MIA

Cancelling the Greece and Bulgaria treaties, cancelling the law on use of languages, cancelling the 2002 census and administering a new one are the priorities of United Macedonia and coalition "Never North - only Macedonia" in the election programme for the coming parliamentary elections.

Skopje, 8 July 2020 (MIA) – Cancelling the Greece and Bulgaria treaties, cancelling the law on use of languages, cancelling the 2002 census and administering a new one are the priorities of United Macedonia and coalition “Never North – only Macedonia” in the election programme for the coming parliamentary elections.

United Macedonia leader Janko Bachev says in an interview with MIA they would revise the privatization process and offer a package of 1,066 economic-social measures for the prosperity of the people and the state, if they came to power.

The election campaign is ongoing, you are presenting your programmes before voters. Can you briefly list the five key things to attract the people’s votes?

United Macedonia and Coalition “Never North – only Macedonia” is promoting its platform “Battle for Macedonia” including 10 strategic objectives and a package of 1,066 economic-social measures for the prosperity of the people and the state. On the five key things, they are the following: cancellation of the Prespa Agreement with the goal of maintaining the name Republic of Macedonia, a country of the Macedonian people and guaranteed rights of minorities in accordance with international law; care for the emigrants and the rights of the Macedonian people in neighboring countries, leading to the cancellation of the Bulgaria Treaty that erases Macedonians in Pirin Macedonia; the Macedonian language and its Cyrillic alphabet is the official language in the Republic of Macedonia, meaning the cancellation of the law on bilingualism; a new Census and cancellation of the falsified census in 2002 when the Albanian minority was falsely presented as being 25.17 percent of the population; revision and confiscation of the assets stolen during the criminal and unjust privatization of state-owned property built by hard-working people during the 50 years of socialism, along with revision and confiscation of the stolen assets during the post-privatization period, i.e. confiscation of the assets stolen by the ruling authorities over the past 30 years.

Can you highlight the leading project that you would realize after the elections?

Cancellation of the anti-Macedonian agreements that erase our name, identity, history and tradition of the Macedonian people, along with revision and confiscation of the stolen assets during the criminal privatization and post-privatization.

The economy will be the biggest challenge in the following period, considering the effects of the corona-crisis. What are the projects of your party for improvement of the state of economy?

The most important thing for us at this time is to take our country back and then it will be easy to solve the people’s real problems. Economic science has mechanisms in place to create an economically strong state with good living standard, including the proper taxes, the proper macro and micro-economic policy etc. Everything is already invented, we only need honest politicians. About EUR 15 billion have been stolen in Macedonia over the past 30 years and we have to finally revise and confiscate the stolen assets.

Our economic-social package incorporates 1,066 measures. I will list a few: no more enforcement agents and return of the enforcement policy to courts, along with return of the money acquired from enforcement; at least 10 years prison sentence for stealing budget funds and reinstatement of the death penalty for grand robbery of people’s property; tax for the rich in order to fix the injustice from the criminal privatization; right to free shares for those who failed to get them during the criminal privatization; return of the Telekom, heating enterprise and power distribution company back in the hands of the state; lowering of living costs by 50 percent; permanent solution for the health and pension insurance of farmers through a Mden 500 monthly fee; secure distribution of agriculture production; introduction of a ministry for the village and ministry for employment; return of the middle class as the pillar of a healthy society; free education and free health; sale of 10,000 official vehicles; lowering of fines and introducing a rule of three cautions before fining; introduction of 7am-2pm working hours; cancelling of pay after leaving the post and travel expenses of officials; lowering of electricity bills; revision of the loan shark banking system and much more.

A specific campaign during the COVID-19 pandemic. How are you promoting your programme before voters and are you observing protocols when meeting with people?

Our campaign is taking place on the field, with the people, but also on social media. We must do it in this way, because VMRO-DPMNE and SDSM have enforced media censorship with a decree. Both parties have given themselves six minutes per hour each of TV ads, while our coalition gets six seconds. This shows that Zaev and Mickoski are scared and they will be surprised from the success of United Macedonia-led coalition at the elections. They speak a lot about democracy and equality but do the opposite in reality, demonstrating dictatorship and censorship. These two parties are in fact one party called Funeral for Macedonia, they have the same boss who governs them.

Do you think that the campaign will be overwhelmed by fake news and negative propaganda instead of higher level of political culture and decent promotion?

Our campaign aims to acquaint the people with our pledges and will lead to prosperity of the state and its people. On the other hand, VMRO-DPMNE and SDSM’s campaigns are disgraceful, including wiretapped conversations from private events, the same lies we have been hearing over the past 30 years, while the country is sinking. What can we expect from these two parties that do nothing but stealing, lying and disintegrating the country. We have seen coalitions of VMRO-DPMNE and SDSM with Albanian parties for 30 years, damaging Macedonian interests. That is why the people cannot make this mistake once again, our parliament needs a national and patriotic party. The presence of United Macedonia in the Parliament will make things different, opposed to the VMRO-DPMNE and SDSM coalitions with Albanian parties.

DUI has presented its slogan of a first Albanian PM, promoting Naser Ziberi as their candidate. Your opinion on this strategy and how will it affect the Albanian voters in the country?

This only shows that the Albanian minority in the country is pushing its Great Albania agenda that also encompasses territories from the Republic of Macedonia. This has been enabled by the lack of unity of the puppet Macedonian parties installed and bought by foreign centers. Countering this strategy of DUI, we are promoting the idea that the three highest offices in the country (Prime Minister, Parliament Speaker and President) are held by an Orthodox Macedonian in a dominantly Macedonian and Orthodox Macedonia. I don’t want to be misunderstood, this is no chauvinist outburst, members of other nationalities can be part of other echelons. Unfortunately, the media censorship towards United Macedonia prevents this idea to reach the people.

What do you expect from the coming elections, how many MP seats do you expect and what are your coalition options?

The end of the betrayals will come on July 15, the people will win, we need to break up the 30-year rule of VMRO-DPMNE and SDSM, who are working against Macedonia, selling Macedonia. Let alone the fact they have been plummeting the country for the past 30 years, now they are destroying the country, but they will face the people at the elections. I am convinced that people are aware there is no room for any mistake, and that they will choose a national and patriotic party they can believe in. We need United Macedonia in the Parliament. We will return the country back in our hands on July 15 and then it will be easy to solve the people’s real problems. With regards to future coalitions, we are open to anyone who accepts the platform “Battle for Macedonia”, our plan and vision for Macedonia.

Finally, your message for MIA’s readers.

We should leave no room to VMRO-DPMNE and SDSM to continue realizing their fixations. United Macedonia in Parliament will show they cannot sell the Macedonians. We can tell them that we were, are and will remain Macedonians. Hold your heads up high, Macedonians. This is our country. We decide! Vote for United Macedonia and coalition “Never North – only Macedonia” on July 15, choose No.11 on the ballot so that we take our country back and make Macedonia a country with a good living standard.

Boris Kunoski

Translation: Ivan Kolekjevski

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