Religious calendars

Religious calendars

Macedonian Orthodox Church Calendar. The Hieromartyr Hypatius, Bishop of Gangra

13 April 2021 (MIA)

Macedonian Orthodox Church Calendar

The Hieromartyr Hypatius, Bishop of Gangra

Born in Cilicia, he was bishop in the town of Gangra. At the First Ecumenical Council, he was lauded on all sides for his devout life and miracles. The Emperor Constantius ordered a bust of Hypatius to be made in the saint’s lifetime, and he kept this bust in his palace as a weapon against every adverse power. Returning once from Constantinople, Hypatius was attacked in a gorge by a heretic, Novatianus, and was pushed off the road into the mud. On top of that, a woman of that company threw a rock at his head, and the saint thus finished his earthly course. But this woman suddenly went insane, and, taking the same rock, began to strike herself with it. When they brought her to the grave of St Hypatius and prayed for her, she was healed by Hypatius’s compassionate spirit and spent the rest of her life in repentance and prayer. St Hypatius suffered and went to the eternal Kingdom of Christ our God in 326.

Catholic Calendar

Pope Saint Martin I

When Martin I became pope in 649, Constantinople was the capital of the Byzantine empire and the patriarch of Constantinople was the most influential Church leader in the eastern Christian world. The struggles that existed within the Church at that time were magnified by the close cooperation of emperor and patriarch. A teaching, strongly supported in the East, held that Christ had no human will. Twice, emperors had officially favored this position: Heraclius by publishing a formula of faith, and Constans II by silencing the issue of one or two wills in Christ. Shortly after assuming the office of the papacy—which he did without first being confirmed by the emperor—Martin held a council at the Lateran in which the imperial documents were censured, and in which the patriarch of Constantinople and two of his predecessors were condemned. In response, Constans II first tried to turn bishops and people against the pope. Failing in this and in an attempt to kill the pope, the emperor sent troops to Rome to seize Martin and to bring him back to Constantinople. Already in poor health, Martin offered no resistance, returned with Calliopas, the exarch of Constantinople, and was then submitted to various imprisonments, tortures, and hardships. Although condemned to death and with some of the imposed torture already carried out, Martin was saved from execution by the pleas of a repentant Paul, patriarch of Constantinople, who was himself gravely ill. Tortures and cruel treatment having taken their toll, Martin died shortly thereafter. He is the last of the early popes to be venerated as a martyr.

Islamic Calendar

Time of iftar and suhur

In Skopje, iftar (breaking of the fast) today begins at 19:19h and suhur (the pre-dawn meal) starts at 04:12h.

Iftar and suhur in Prilep and Kumanovo start a minute earlier, 2 minutes earlier in Veles, 3 minutes in Stip, 4 minutes in Kochani, 5 minutes in Strumica and Valandovo and 6 minutes earlier in Delchevo.

Iftar and suhur start a minute later in Resen and Bitola, 2 minutes later in Tetovo, Gostivar and Kichevo, and 5 minutes later in Ohrid, Debar and Struga.

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