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Outgoing PM Borissov does not want new tenure as prime minister


Sofia, 14 April 2021 (BTA/MIA) – Outgoing Prime Minister Boyko Borissov said speaking to reporters in the northern city of Veliko Turnovo on Wednesday that he is not going to be a candidate for prime minister of the next government.

Borissov’s visit to Veliko Turnovo was streamed live in his Facebook profile.

“I will tell you GERB’s nomination for prime minister after we receive the mandate to form a government. We have at least a week to think things over,” Borissov, who is also leader of GERB, the party with the most seats but not a majority in the new Parliament, said.

“Many want my nomination for prime minister but as I believe in the saying ‘United We Stand’, and as I do not think dividing the nation as President Rumen Radev does is right, I am not going to be prime minister,” Borissov said, responding to repeated questions from reporters whether he will put up his nomination for the post.

Borissov said that GERB is ready to support other governments as well, and that his party is not afraid of early parliamentary elections, if a new cabinet fails to be approved.

During Wednesday’s regular weekly meeting of the government, the last for the incumbent one, Borissov said, as quoted by the Government Information Service, that “Those who ask the question whether we are afraid of a caretaker cabinet are themselves afraid of democracy”. The outgoing Prime Minister said that the key task of a caretaker cabinet is to hold fair elections. “We are moving on, the Constitution has a procedure on how to proceed,” Borissov said.

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