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Minister Filipche: North Macedonia records first coronavirus death

A 57-year-old woman from Kumanovo is the country's first coronavirus fatality.

Skopje, 22 March 2020 (MIA) – A 57-year-old woman from Kumanovo is the country’s first coronavirus fatality. After a postmortem, it was determined that she had been infected with the coronavirus.

“Unfortunately, we recorded the first fatality from the coronavirus, which was diagnosed postmortem late Saturday. The patient was a 57-year-old woman. As regards the admission and treatment, I would like to say that the colleagues followed the isolation protocol, two test were conducted on time and the two initial tests were negative. Despite the negative findings, she was treated in isolation because the disease’s symptoms were coronavirus-like. She was hospitalized at the Kumanovo general hospital this past week. A smear was taken after she had been pronounced dead yesterday and it was positive,” Health Minister Venko Filipche told a news conference Sunday.

Her son, he said, was also admitted to the hospital last week, only a couple of days after she was hospitalized.

“Yesterday, the condition of the 33-year-old man deteriorated, which led to him being transported to the Clinic of Pulmonary Diseases’s isolation ward. Afterwards, according to the protocol, he was taken to the Clinic of Infectious Diseases. His condition now is stable,” Minister Filipche stressed.


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