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Negotiations for stable, committed gov’t start, says SDSM’s Zaev

SDSM leader Zoran Zaev after today's constitutive session in Parliament said negotiations 'at several levels' would take place in the coming period.

Skopje, 4 August 2020 (MIA) – After winning 46 seats in the July 15 early parliamentary elections, SDSM on Tuesday kicks off negotiations for new parliamentary majority and the formation of a government in the next four years.

SDSM leader Zoran Zaev after today’s constitutive session in Parliament said negotiations ‘at several levels’ would take place in the coming period.

Speaking at a news conference, he said he expected a positive outcome from the negotiations in 10-15 days’ time.

“Starting today, we are entering negotiations for a new four-term, full mandate of a stable majority in Parliament, a majority that would secure a stable and dedicated four-year government committed to hard work,” Zaev told reporters.

He said negotiations would exclusively focus on the formation of a ‘government committed to all of its citizens equally, freed from any ethnic prejudice or nationalism.’

The new government, Zaev pledged, would fight against rampant crime and corruption and would fully focus on vetting judges and state officials.

“The future members of the new government will have to be prepared for a serious reform in public administration, to make it more efficient and to cut it by 20 percent,” he said, adding the reform involved cutting down the number of ministers and rationalizing public services.

According to the SDSM leader, the future government will also focus on the economy, making sure salaries rise, investments in young people continue, balanced regional development is applied, the private sector is supported and poverty-stricken citizens are taken care of.

Zaev said he was confident that SDSM would manage to form stable and successful government with a 4-year term.

“It is based on numbers, they are high enough to guarantee a stable government. I’m personally convinced in the success of the future government in times when we don’t have an open issue with Greece and Bulgaria and in the country, we have settled the major issues that pushed us back in the past,” he stated.

The SDSM leader also said he expected the institutions to be restored to full capacity in order to tackle ‘the invisible enemy’ COVID-19.

“Autumn is coming, a new school year, a new heating season and fresh challenges for hospitals. We have ahead of is a joint fight for public health and economic progress,” Zaev stressed.

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