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Mickoski in Aerodrom: We must show everything will be different

VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski told a rally in Skopje's Aerodrom municipality on Thursday that everyone who'd vote for SDSM on July 15, would in fact vote for the destruction of Macedonia.

Skopje, 9 July 2020 (MIA) – VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski told a rally in Skopje’s Aerodrom municipality on Thursday that everyone who’d vote for SDSM on July 15, would in fact vote for the destruction of Macedonia.

According to Mickoski, Macedonia was “on the table” of the SDSM and Besa coalition, adding that their first step was federalization and the second “eventual destruction of Macedonia.”

“I believe in the decisiveness and courage of each and every one of you to stand up and fight for their dreams. They will tell you along the way that you’re trying in vein, but this should not discourage you, it should further motivate you to keep fighting for your dream, for our Macedonia to be the way it wants to be. That is why I call on all of you to stand beside us, stand with us and let’s liberate Macedonia first,” Mickoski told people in Aerodrom.

He said that SDSM would be convincing citizens that it can do more, but it has failed to do more.

Speaking about the judiciary and justice in the country, the opposition leader said that of all the ruling SDSM had promised, it only managed to “turn peace into unrest.”

“I pledge for justice and we have to start somewhere. I promise you that no one will rule in Macedonia anymore, and the one who will have the honor to lead the Government will work exclusively for the people and the people’s will. We must show that everything will be different and that we are different,” Mickoski pointed out.

He added that in these elections VMRO-DPMNE offers a 360-page program on “Renewal”, where one can find something for every citizen, i.e. more than 1000 projects including how average monthly pay in Macedonia will rise 25%, how pensions will rise 20% and “go back to when pensions grew twice a year.”

MP candidate Gordana Siljanovska Davkova also addressed the citizens in Aerodrom.

“People should ask themselves whether they live better than before, whether they are safer, healthier, whether there’s no more corruption and crime. The answer is no, a lot of no’s,” Siljanovska Davkova said.

“Is it possible to talk about the rule of law with such a judiciary – of course not. I don’t know how many bombs rained down and we found out a lot of interesting things. Those who call for law and justice are the main destroyers of the law. We want nothing but a European foundation of the house,” Siljanovska Davkova continued, adding that “a hybrid regime means we’re a country that is about to collapse.”

She pointed out that without the rule of law, there’ll neither be economy nor education nor social protection nor culture. However, she said, the VMRO-DPMNE coalition knows how to do that.

“A new era will begin on July 15, I call it the fourth Macedonian republic in which all citizens will be equal as individuals. It’s true that Macedonia is a multicultural society, but Macedonia must be a decent European state,” Siljanovska Davkova told the rally in Aerodrom.

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