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18:00/11 June/2021

18:00/11 June/2021

Skopje – The joint Macedonian-Bulgarian commission on historical and educational issues is holding Thursday and Friday the 14th meeting. It is the third meeting out of the five planned to be held this year.

Skopje – Justice Minister Bojan Marichikj told Friday’s opening of the Conference on Efficiency of Judges and Court Administration that analyses show an increase of efficiency and transparency by 60 percent through digitization, distance trials or online trials, and in addition, costs are reduced.

Skopje – Seven of the 11 defendants in the “Dvojnik” (Doppelganger) case received 16 years and 1 month in prison in the first-instance ruling, with defendant Faruk Buki getting a 3-year prison term, while Vesna Kolevska and Branislava Spishikj receiving provisional sentences on Friday.

Skopje – Macedonian agriculture will be modernized through a EUR 50 million investment, including the construction of distribution centers, strengthening of IPARD capacities, setting up a system for removal of byproducts of animal origin and training for farmers.

Skopje – After 2,885 COVID-19 tests were conducted in the past 24 hours, 20 new infections were registered, show data of the Public Health Institute, according to which there were two deaths and 30 recovered patients. New cases were registered in Kumanovo, Skopje, Bitola, Tetovo, Prilep, Ohrid, Kichevo and Kriva Palanka, says the Health Ministry.

Athens – Greek government spokesperson Aristotelia Peloni reiterated on Friday Greece’s support for the region’s European perspective in response to a question from MIA’s Athens correspondent regarding the executive order signed by US President Joe Biden, pointing out that Greece doesn’t belong to the Western Balkans because it is a NATO and EU member.

Brussels – EU member states representatives approved on Friday to drop all quarantine requirements for fully vaccinated people who travel within the bloc, as people across the bloc prepare their summer holidays.

Falmouth – Leaders of the Group of Major Industrialized Nations (G7) are meeting on Friday for a summit that is overshadowed by the coronavirus pandemic.

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