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13:00/21 November 2019

13:00/21 November 2019

Paris – France’s National Assembly ratified North Macedonia’s NATO accession protocol at a plenary session on Thursday, MIA’s correspondent reports.

Skopje – President Stevo Pendarovski said Thursday at a conference on “Climate Action: Preventing and Treating” he will do everything in his power to battle negative effects of climate change and called on authorities to do the same.

Skopje – Police found late Wednesday 33 migrants in the Strumica village of Svidovica.

Skopje – Justice Minister Renata Deskoska said Thursday that honest judges and prosecutors should not fear the vetting process.

Skopje – Vetting of judges and prosecutors should be well thought out, not to be rushed and turned into interference of executive in judiciary, Aco Kolevski, head of the Council of Public Prosecutors, told MIA.

Skopje – Measures for digitization of institutions from the fiscal sector, such as the Finance Ministry and the Public Revenue Office, can help reduce the informal economy, accompanied by further measures for fiscal transparency.

Skopje – The National Philharmonic is celebrating Thursday its 75th anniversary with a concert conducted by Borjan Canev, symbolically entitled ‘Happy Birthday’. Chinese pianist Zee Zee is set to give a solo performance during the event.

Gevgelija – The new mural “Kiss” made its debut on a residential building near the Gevgelija promenade after it was commissioned by the Ministry of Culture as part of its Warm Cultural Wave event.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has rejected an invitation from South Korean President Moon Jae In to attend a special Association of South-East Asian Nations (ASEAN) summit.

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