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31 October 2020 

Skopje – EU Ambassador David Geer hopes an agreement will be reached as soon as possible in terms of the negotiating framework and the intergovernmental conference to start North Macedonia’s EU accession process. Officials in Skopje expect differences with Bulgaria to be overcome, with the right to self-determination and identity being reaffirmed.

Skopje – Preschools and schools that went back to in-person learning remain open. According to authorities, the situation is under control for the time being, and the virus hasn’t been spreading at schools. They point out the situation is being closely monitored and new measures will be taken if needed.

Skopje – As the country experiences a higher level of COVID-19 infections than in the spring, the best interests of children must be central to any decision-making on when and how to keep schools open, Patricia Di Giovanni, UNICEF Representative to North Macedonia, said in a statement on Saturday.

Skopje – Parliament is set to resume on Saturday a plenary session to discuss the revised 2020 budget.

Skopje – In the past 24 hours, 761 people were caught without personal protective equipment, i.e. face masks, the Ministry of Interior (MoI) said Saturday.

Athens – Foreign Minister Bujar Osmani extended condolences and voiced readiness to help after Friday’s devastating earthquake in Samos, MIA’s Athens correspondent reports.

Sofia – Bulgaria is not disputing North Macedonia’s right for self-determination, neither the right to call their language what they like. We are ready to re-confirm the current realities, but they have to acknowledge the historical truth, Bulgaria’s Foreign Minister Ekaterina Zakharieva said in an interview with Reuters.

The Czech parliament has extend its state of emergency due to the coronavirus to November 20, with 86 lawmakers voting in favour of the measure and 11 against.

Sean Connery, the actor considered to be the definitive James Bond by many, has died at age 90, British broadcaster BBC reported on Saturday, citing a family statement.

Age is slowing no sign of slowing down Formula One veteran Kimi Raikkonen as his Alfa Romeo team said Friday he would be retained for the 2021 season alongside Antonio Giovinazzi.

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