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6 August 2020

6 August 2020

Skopje – Of 1,543 tests conducted in the past 24 hours, 113 new COVID-19 cases were registered in North Macedonia.

Skopje – SDSM leader Zoran Zaev met Thursday with German Ambassador to North Macedonia Anke Holstein and told her that his party has launched serious negotiations to secure stable parliamentary majority and form a new government, set to serve people’s best interests.

Skopje – PM Oliver Spasovski held a meeting on Thursday with the Chinese Ambassador to North Macedonia Zhang Zuo and underscored high level of solidarity and good cooperation between the two countries during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Skopje – The 22-year-old coronavirus patient from Skopje, one of the six people who died in the past 24 hours, had Down syndrome, the Health MInistry told MIA on Thursday.

Skopje – Mothers with suspected or confirmed COVID-19 can safely breastfeed their babies, Health Minister Venko Filipche posted Thursday on Facebook.

Skopje – Writing on Facebook, Prime Minister Oliver Spasovski says the deadly storm that hit the capital Skopje four years ago should never be forgotten.

Skopje – Parliament has been constituted and the President is obliged, within 10 days, to give the mandate for forming a government, outgoing Justice Minister Renata Deskoska said Thursday.

Skopje – SDSM leader Zoran Zaev said Thursday he accepted the criticism of journalists about his way of communication at a recent press conference after the Parliament’s constitutive session this week.

Skopje – Digital diplomacy in the region is best applied by the institutions in North Macedonia, which rank high in the analysis “Digital Diplomacy in the Region 2020.”

Skopje – Finance Minister Nina Angelovska posted Thursday on Facebook that 305 thousand citizens use domestic payment cards. She added that citizens have received cards worth a total of EUR 26.7 million, of which they have spent about EUR 23 million until August 1.

Skopje – According to the preliminary data of the State Statistical Office, the total value of exported goods from the Republic of North Macedonia in the period January-June 2020 amounted to US$ 2,7 billion, a 24% decrease compared to the same period last year.

Germany on Thursday said it would enforce compulsory tests for travellers from high-risk areas as the country recorded its highest number of new daily coronavirus infections in three months.

Brussels – EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen promised 33 million euros (39 dollars) in emergency aid to Lebanese Prime Minister Hassan Diab when they telephoned on Thursday morning, following a massive explosion in Beirut that left the city in ruins.

Beirut – France is sending police and forensic teams to Lebanon to help with investigations and logistics, French President Emmanuel Macron said shortly after landing in Beirut for a solidarity visit following a massive explosion that left the city badly damaged.

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