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15:00/12 July/2020

15:00/12 July/2020

Skopje – After 20 days of campaigning in which the parties and the coalitions presented their programs to the citizens across the country, the campaign for the July 15 parliamentary elections ends Sunday at midnight and election silence comes into effect, which ends Wednesday at 9 pm.

Skopje – Laima Andrikiene, Head of Mission, ODIHR Special Election Assessment Mission (SEAM) to North Macedonia in an interview with MIA stresses that ODIHR and the Mission to North Macedonia are committed to fulfilling its mandate of monitoring these important elections despite the challenges.

Skopje – DUI leader Ali Ahmeti said Sunday the party’s candidate to be the first Albanian prime minister in the country will be elected in Parliament.

Brussels – The EU’s top diplomat appealed to Serbia and Kosovo to show compromise and pragmatism on Sunday ahead of renewed talks between the two sides with the aim of ironing out their relations.

Skopje – VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski on Sunday in an open letter ahead of the July 15 elections urges the citizens to vote because ‘your votes can change things.’

Kumanovo – Oliver Spasovski, first candidate on the list of the “We Can” coalition in the 2nd electoral district, from Kumanovo on Sunday urged voters to go to the polls telling them that it is safe.

Warsaw – Poles were voting in a delayed presidential election on Sunday, with a race between incumbent conservative President Andrzej Duda and challenger Rafal Trzaskowski, the liberal mayor of Warsaw, that is expected to be closely contested.

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